XD Bockers Overall Brand Rating: We have yet to actually try a set of these jumping stilts. They cost $1800 new and replacement springs import in the 5-600$ range. Scaring away most of us.

This brand is the original and is marketed towards professional powerbockers (you're getting your main income from performing). It has a very dynamic spring characteristic with arguably the best energy return. Translating in more height to energy put into it. Making the springs easier to use. These springs have a great initial reaction at the top of the spring with great force at the bottom. Their downside is the rumored shorter lifespan. They use the ps460, ps520, ps580, ps620, springs. The brands build quality is top notch using high grade materials.

Description from Powerskip

PowerSkip Standard and PowerSkip Pro are characterized by the use of high performance materials, normal applications are aerospace vehicles, and a strictly carried out light weight design. The PowerSkip realizes a ratio of spring energy to weight never seen before.
Weight : 3,5 kg Spring Energy : max. 700 Joule Spring Deformation : 32 cm

Poweriskip Classic
This model features a unique binding system dubbed the "pixie boot" which uses laces and a flexible plastic to hold your foot in place. It is said to eliminate pressure points found in snow board type bindings. This model uses a knee bar only.

Poweriskip Classic
The Powerskip Pro uses the same spring as the Powerskip Classic. The changes here are in the binding system, and in the footplate. This model features a tilting footplate. As opposed to the fixed footplate that is used in nearly all brands and models. The footplate allows your ankles to move as you run. Truth be told people either love this method or hate it. The bindings have been changed so that you literally bolt your shoes onto the footplate. The upside to this is your bindings are as comfortable as your shoes, the downside is you have to drill through some shoes!