XD Bockers Overall Brand Rating:
Manufactured by Hitech & C Co., Ltd. of Korea. This brand has remained one of the most popular in the United States. As it's a good quality affordable copy of the powerskip. The brand is generally recommended to the public by the powerbocking community. This brand uses a standard 5070kg, 7090kg, and 90120kg spring for all models. The springs with this brand are considered suitable but on the stiffer side. They will get the same height as another brand by requires more effort as opposed to the 7 league brand, or Powerskip. Better build quality and spring dynamic would have increased this brand up 1 .

Poweriser Classic
XD Bockers Model Rating:
This model uses the same frame and spring as it's advanced counter part. When it was first released it featured snow board bindings. But the company has since changed a lesser quality nylon and velcro strap. The new binding system while secure is a pain to get on and to get off. It takes more time, and have been found to introduce annoying pressure points. This model also uses the knee bar. This model is great for beginners wanting to get started at a cheap price. Users looking for more long term and serious use may consider upgrading to the advanced model with calf cuff. This model only receives 2 due to it's poor binding system and knee bar.

Poweriser Kids - 3050
XD Bockers Model Rating: N/A - We have yet to review this childrens model.
Poweriser Kids stilts are geared towards children and come with only one weighted spring. The 3050kg model. Suitable for weights ranging from 66 pounds to 120. These stilts are also shorter then the adult model adding 10 extra inches to your height instead of 18''. These feature a different binding system then the knee bar and calf cuff. It uses a plastic holder with snowboard like bindings.

Poweriser Advanced (2007)
XD Bockers Model Rating:

This is THE model the majority of our club has used since we formed. It features the same frame and spring of the standard model but has an incredibly improved calf cuff system and snowboard bindings. This jumping stilt has been ideal for any powerbocker in the united states looking at a cheaper alternative to the powerskip. The only downside with this model, is the build quality has gone down since the company has been reducing costs.
Quote from DJ an Poweriser advanced user:

I have used these Jumping Stilts from November 2008 after upgrading from a copycat brand with kneebars. Being a user that used Jumping Stilts anywhere from 5-15+ hours a week. The Jumping stilts worked superbly when I bought them for the then standard price of $600. The model I bought lasted for nearly 2 years until I had to purchase a replacement pair. (the frame was starting to wear out). The next model I purchased had some problems after only a couple months and showed an obvious decline in the quality of parts and build. Previously I would have rated this model 4/5. But given the downgraded quality with reduced retail cost (going for nearly half what they did 2 years ago) I give it a 3/5 and rather recommend a new brand.
Description from Poweriser:
The flagship stilts from Poweriser, designed for dependability, comfort and performance. While the basic functions are the same as a classic model, the top quality Advanced model offers some major innovations:

Improved velcro bindings with wide, comfortable strapping
Strengthened footplate
Cuff adjustability gives you a custom fit
Strengthened hoof assembly
Spring cover protects spring
Self-locking nuts and strong connectors
Lightweight aluminum

Additionally, this model is easy to put on and take off. You can dismount from these without even sitting down, which makes them the perfect model for urban environments.
Poweriser advanced stilts have a stylish appearance. Good fit and finish, with black elements contrasting with pure aluminum.

Poweriser EVO I
XD Bockers Model Rating: N/A - This model has not yet released in the United States

This model is due out in Spring 2011. We'll grade them when we try em'! But from the looks of things. They've changed the hooves to work like the flying locust brand stilts hooves. (with the screw on hooves) and they redesigned the foot lever. The calf cuff also features an interesting new clip. But are all these changes a real improvement? Or is poweriser letting itself get left behind by other brands? Again we'll grade it when we try it! ;)

Quote from Poweriser Themselves:
The whole concept of the knee fixation was re-designed and realized by a textile cuff which is fixing the leg onto the jumping stilts. The new textile part guarantuees most comfortable wearing and usage comfort. The new knee cuffs are also desinged to be able to adjust the width and position of the cuffs according to individual requirements, its also perfect to adjust and compensate bow legs for example

Differences between "EVO I" series compared to the standard model:
New footbar – rubber soles can be exchanged separately. Its not neccessary to exchange the whole aluminium part anymore which saves time and money Quick release buckle at knee cuff systems. The new quick release buckle allows stepping in and out of your pair of jumping stilts within seconds.

New aluminium C structure – many customers had been asking us if there couldnt be realized some changes to the aliminium C part so that they cannot bottom out their springs anymore. That was our main reason to develop a completely new structure of the mentioned part so that bottoming out the springs becomes nearly impossible. Beside that the new structure gives you additional jumping power because of the increased bending radius of the springs.

New bearings – compared to the standard bearing version the new ones do have a different shape which allows us t reduce the mounted parts about the golden washers and also makes repeair / exchange of parts much easier. Also reduced is the side movement at the bearing joints.

No side stabilisors anymore – those parts which are placed at both sides of the standard models are completely removed at the EVO I series - also the metal bolt below the footplate is removed. In order to cover the existing impacts on parts A & B of the whole structure there is an additonal metal part added at the connecting point of aluminium part A & B - as a result out of these changes we do have an optimized weight distribution as well as an optimized centre of gravity.

Poweriser Luggage Bag
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