Archived Newsletters
Congratulations! You've stumbled upon OLD NEWS. Haha, but seriously this page is a collection of all our past Newsletters. Click through them to read all our old tips, guides, stories, and what have you that we announce in our Newsletter.

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April 21st 2011: South Magazine Article & Upcoming meets
March 9th 2011: Bock the South
February 14th 2011: 2/11 Meet
February 6th 2011: South Magazine to interview us - Site Updates,
January 20th 2011: Donations
January 16th 2011: Trick spotlight: Eltovator
January 8th 2011: DCpowerstilts meet XD Bockers
November 8th: Bock Report: October/November
October 15th 2010: Bock Report: Desoto Strut 5 September 26th 2010: Upcoming Major Events
September 18th 2010: Bock Report: Dragon*con
August 30th 2010: Dragon*con and Past Invasion Events
August 20th 2010: Mods and Future Events
August 7th 2010: Bocking Spot Search and Spring 2011 event planning
August 1st 2010: Used Stilts, Breaking in Springs and building our member map.
July 27th 2010 Our First Official Newsletter!