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Upcoming Major Events
September 26th 2010

Mark your calendars boys and girls. Here is all the Major Events we're attending/ and or hosting for the next month or so. Click their pictures to go to their facebook event pages!

Desoto StRut 5

When: October 2nd 5pm to 10pm
Where: Desoto Avenue, Savannah, GA

We'll be performing in this block party in Savannah, Georgia. We'll do some free style tricks for the crowds as well as promote our club. This is a free style performance.

Halloween Costume Bock Around

When: TBA sometime during Halloween Weekend
Where: Downtown Historic District, Savannah, GA

We're hosting a costume party! We'll meet up in our costumes on stilts. To roam the streets of Downtown Savannah. What unsuspecting tourist and those enjoying trick or treating can we surprise? Get those costumes ready! This events perfect for all skill levels as we'll mostly be walking. Check out the facebook page

Geekend 2010

When: November 4-6.
Where: Coastal Georgia Center, 305 Fahm ST, Savannah, GA (near turner house for you SCAD kids)

Geekend has invited us to attend their yearly tech convention. On Friday we will be doing a walk meet and greet with convention attendees during the Wiitles concert. The following Saturday we will be free style performing at their block party. Official XD Bocker members get in free. For non XD Bockers, the convention is 65 for students and 165 for the public.

That is all the major events we have lined up so far. We will still be hosting our groups meet up and practices. But these are the ones everyone should be sure to mark their calendars and attend. It'll be a blast! Be sure to keep an eye on our Event Calendar for more upcoming events!

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DJ wrote a comment - Hey everyone! Doug, Sam, and myself are all bocking later on today. Contact us to find out when and where!
on XD Bockers 9/11/10 9:34 AM
DJ wrote a comment - Whats up? We need to get you in a set of jumping stilts soon man. Soon!
on XD Bockers 8/31/10 1:14 PM
WrightCJ wrote a comment - HEY!!!
on XD Bockers 8/31/10 3:00 AM
DJ posted a video - Ancient Video from Acen 2009.
on XD Bockers 8/28/10 4:35 PM
DJ wrote a comment - Join our search for bock spots throughout savannah! http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?topic=19476&post=284090&uid=89290893885#!/topic.php?uid=89290893885&topic=19476
on XD Bockers 8/25/10 4:24 PM

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