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Bock Report: Dragon*con 2010
September 18th 2010

It's been a couple weeks since Dragon*con happened. But we here with the XD Bockers had a blast! It was a 4 day Event, from Thursday until Sunday for us. Savannah's official members, Doug, DJ, Josie all attended. As well as our soon to be official member Kathleen!

We all spent a huge amount of time enjoying what the convention had to offer. Going to panels, meeting artists, and big names, playing games, waiting in lines. Thursday turned into friday, and then to Saturday in a blur!

On Saturday we gained our newest official member Tam! She purchased the used stilts that were up in our used stilt section on the site. So for anyone interested in them, they're gone! Check back soon for any others we come across!

Powerbocking at the event didn't actually happen in a group setting. Doug wasn't able to bring his stilts due to a spring break, and Josie had comic artists to meet. So those of use that bocked all bocked at different times.

Tam wore her stilts all Saturday, and Sunday. Walking around in costume. Take a look at her outfit below!

DJ attended the steampunk gathering on Saturday and cosplayed in it. So he wasn't able to powerbock, however he met this powerbocker not in the group who was using his stilts in his cosplay!

On Sunday DJ put on his stilts and powerbocked for several hours. He Bocked between several of the hotels. Doing several laps, and finally finding a spot on the top of the hill above the hyatt. With a huge wall next to the sidewalk about 5 to 8 feet in height. He spent a huge amount of his time jumping to the top of it to plop town and take a seat.

We'll be making another bigger appearance at Dragon*con next year. Until then we cannot wait!

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DJ wrote a comment - Hey everyone! Doug, Sam, and myself are all bocking later on today. Contact us to find out when and where!
on XD Bockers 9/11/10 9:34 AM
DJ wrote a comment - Whats up? We need to get you in a set of jumping stilts soon man. Soon!
on XD Bockers 8/31/10 1:14 PM
WrightCJ wrote a comment - HEY!!!
on XD Bockers 8/31/10 3:00 AM
DJ posted a video - Ancient Video from Acen 2009.
on XD Bockers 8/28/10 4:35 PM
DJ wrote a comment - Join our search for bock spots throughout savannah! http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?topic=19476&post=284090&uid=89290893885#!/topic.php?uid=89290893885&topic=19476
on XD Bockers 8/25/10 4:24 PM

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