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Bock Report: Desoto Strut 5
October 15th 2010

During the first weekend of October. We were invited to attend and perform at Desoto Strut in Savannah, Georgia. Desoto Strut is a monthly event held by Raabstract.com and the surrounding Art Galleries and shops in Desoto Row (Desoto Avenue in between 40th, and 41st).

Our group arrived there at About 5pm. Fairly early and before the party really started. Doug, accompanied DJ. After surveying the area which featured a couple different bocking terrain options for us.

At the very end of the street closest to 40th. Theres an old Foundation to a building left open and bare. It's near the sidewalk and has a 2-3 foot drop from the foundation to the street. The best feature to it. Is it's open and offers plenty of room to run towards. The downside is the tree directly above it. Any moderately high jumps from the street onto the platform will have you eating leaves. Take a bounce to get up there and jump from the platform to the street. You won't hit the tree this way. It does offer varying levels on the back side and is higher in the middle Just be mindful of the fence around both sides of the foundation. You could spear yourself!

About midway down the street. Theres a small step from the sidewalk about 2 feet tall. It offers a small area alongside the sidewalk to bounce up on. Or you can run from the street to get up there. It's actually better though to jump from on top of the ledge to the street. It's not that high but the fall does give you a bit of free energy. Use it to get some sick air in the middle of the street. Just don't jump from the top of the steps into the sidewalk. Odds are you'll hit the concrete balcony support on your bounce up.

After a quick look around, and a search for a place to get some water. Doug and DJ met up with Kathleen the newest member of the XD Bockers. A short walk back to the event. We all padded up, and strapped on our stilts.

Kathleen had only a few minutes of experience on stilts prior to this event. So she mainly worked on walking. Listening to tons of tips from Doug, and a couple from DJ. She got to walking around after only a short while.

The majority of the performance was Free Style tricks, and random jumps. We spent a good portion of the time explaining what exactly jumping stilts and our club was to whomever that asked. A few photographers snapped our photos. But as of now only one has surfaced on Scad District

In the photo is DJ mid toe grab. In the background you can kinda see Kathleen. If you try really hard you cans see Doug's hand!

We performed from about 6pm until after night fell. Long enough to have a blast, pull off some tricks, talk to tons of people and watch a fire spinner perform.

Stay tuned for upcoming events to see us in person yourself! We will be at Sols Day of the Dead next!

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DJ wrote a comment - Probably doing some random bocking Today and Tomorrow. Contact me to meet up!
on XD Bockers 10/15/10 8:01 AM
DJ wrote a comment - Hey everyone! Doug, Sam, and myself are all bocking later on today. Contact us to find out when and where!
on XD Bockers 9/11/10 9:34 AM
DJ wrote a comment - Whats up? We need to get you in a set of jumping stilts soon man. Soon!
on XD Bockers 8/31/10 1:14 PM
WrightCJ wrote a comment - HEY!!!
on XD Bockers 8/31/10 3:00 AM
DJ posted a video - Ancient Video from Acen 2009.
on XD Bockers 8/28/10 4:35 PM

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