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Bock Report: October/November 2010 Events
November 8th 2010

We've had a busy couple of weekends at the end of October and into November. Starting off we made an appearance at Sol Restaurant on 1611 Habersham Savannah, GA. For their day of the dead "Skeletons vs Zombies" celebration. The party featured break dancers, fire throwers, go go girls, oprah singers, and much more. Including the majority of the XD Bockers! Doug, Kathleen, Josie, and DJ made it out for the event. Below is a bunch of pictures taken courtesy of Rachel Raabstract.

Here is Josie and Kathleen all made up for the show.

Josie and DJ.

Doug, DJ pose with a mummy

DJ takes a moment to adjust rest his bones.

Doug quickly joins DJ.

DJ doing a toe grab for the crowd.

Sols event lasted from about 8 until after midnight. We had a huge blast and are expecting even more pictures, and possibly video to surface from the event.

Halloween weekend served as another great time for us. We meet up on Halloween in Forsyth park for a bock around in costumes.

Here's a video compiled of videos from that night, and pictures from sol!


Finally this last weekend we attended Geekend 2010! On friday during the wiitles concert Sam, Josie, Kathleen, Doug, and DJ all walked around the convention center main lobby greeting people, and putting stickers on their backs. After a while we did some small random jumps out front.

There was plans on attending geek ends after party. But DJ had to back out as one of his calf cuff rods bent and made his stilts unable to be used. Overall the last three events turned out to be fairly fun.

Finally here's a picture of Sam, DJ, and Josie at the event.

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DJ posted a video - Check out our latest video from Halloweeen
on XD Bockers 11/8/10 4:35 PM
DJ wrote a comment - Probably doing some random bocking Today and Tomorrow. Contact me to meet up!
on XD Bockers 10/15/10 8:01 AM
DJ wrote a comment - Hey everyone! Doug, Sam, and myself are all bocking later on today. Contact us to find out when and where!
on XD Bockers 9/11/10 9:34 AM
DJ wrote a comment - Whats up? We need to get you in a set of jumping stilts soon man. Soon!
on XD Bockers 8/31/10 1:14 PM
WrightCJ wrote a comment - HEY!!!
on XD Bockers 8/31/10 3:00 AM

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