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Donations and what they mean for our group.
January 20th, 2011
Our Jumping Stilt Club is completely member supported. The Jumping Stilts, promotional material, water, gatorade, lessons, advice, web site hosting, web site design, stilt maintenance and all that is completely made possible by time, energy, love and let's face it the money of our very own members.

You may have noticed the donations paypal button on our homepage. What is this for? This is to collect any donations from any of the public thats ever seen us practice at the park, or perform for them at a party. We don't charge for our entertainment, lessons or anything. But we do accept "tips" and will ultimately rely on them to help us be more active, and to get out more.

Where does your money go if you were to donate?

The Website

Our website has a yearly hosting fee of 102 dollars and some odd cents. Donations help ease the price and will always allow our site to remain ad free. (unless those ads are actual recommendations by us).

When you donate through paypal the money is deposited into an account set aside for the group. All donations will first go to keeping our site up and running. It's kept saved until the fee is due every March 23rd.

We support our site as it's a vital communications tool outside of facebook. It gives us a useful resource to host information on jumping stilts and anything a new comer or current member may wonder about. The sites articles, media, event calendar, and the like are all still being built slowly due to funds being low. But eventually are goal is to have the best group site out there. Without the site we'd lose a huge driving force in growing our much beloved local group of powerbockers.

Group Jumping Stilts and supplies

Eventually we would like to be able to set aside enough funds for our activities. Apart from practice supplies such as water, sports drinks, ect. We'd aim to be able to keep a stock of "group jumping stilts" for new comers to use during try outs and to practice on before they've had to a buy a pair. Can't afford to buy a pair for a few months but want to try this sport our now? Well with the group stilts this would be possible! Come jump with us and save your money for your own awesome jumping stilts.

As it stands we typically use a set of old stilts that a members retired for new ones to use as the public demo pair. Those are generally offered up for sale for a huge discount in our used stilts section. But one day we'd love that our demo pairs be newer models, and in way better condition.

Going further donations would allow us to purchase better hardware stock. Better bolts for repair on members stilts, replacement parts for anything that may go wrong with our stilts.

To practice at a gym

A big dream of ours is to be able to find a gym to practice flipping, and learning more advanced tricks. Maybe just be able to fund some practice mats of our own to lay out in a field. Being able to practice with crash mats and other training material would help us advance quickly and most importantly safely.

To attend and host our own BIG powerbocking events

There are many national powerbocking competitions/ meets beginning to form in the United States, with Bock NYC, SABO, Capital Bocking, and more sure to come. Donations will hopefully one day help fund our trips to these events, and to help form our own.

Donations of any size will help us grow and become very fun club for Savannah, Georgia and beyond. So whether a person thats just seen us and enjoyed it. Or a current person in our group. Don't forget to hit the donations link. You'll be helping us keep going out there. After all the jumping stilts themselves aren't cheap! XD

Can't donate cash? That's fine, we take time too! Our Site Banner was created by a far away member and friend from Canada! (thanks pikkirby!) and the art you see on our promotional material, and in most of our newsletters was drawn by Josie and Sam, two group members. Not to mention all the help in performances and walking lessons Doug, and everyone in the groups helped give. Want to help redesign the site, create an article? Or whatever? We'll take that too email DJ@XDBockers.com to help. With any donation if you want to see it used a certain way just shoot and email after you've sent it and it'll be done! :)


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