South Magazine to Interview us, and site updates
South Magazine to interview us - Site Updates
February 6th 2011
South Magazine has set up an appointment with our club. To hold an interview with us, to partake in an assisted walking lesson to to observe one of our meets. We have scheduled this meet to be held at Forsyth Park on Friday the 11th from 4pm to dark (about 6pm). We'd like to see that all members do their best to get out there and be apart of the article. If you're new and still haven't taken a walking lesson. We'll be doing those as well! So come on out and give it a try yourself.

For more info on the event please check it out on Facebook.

In site related news we have begun building the Brands page for our resource section. This page will one day feature every Jumping Stilt manufacture. It will have information on the company, as well as an overall review from us on them. It was also have the same in depth coverage on every model of Jumping Stilt they offer. You can take a sneak peek at a couple almost finished pages with Powerskip, and Poweriser.

Neither of those pages are 100% completed. But we'll get as much information out there as possible with each model of jumping stilt. For instance, we're working on a video overview of the poweriser advanced model. To be posted with that model on the poweriser page. You'll also notice on that page we're using a / out of 5 rating system with the emoticon we're named after as the symbol.

Our hope is that one day this section will provide a useful tool in any existing members future jumping stilts purchases. As well as anyone new to the sport and wanting to research themselves before getting a pair.

As not every model and brand is immediately available to us in the United States. If any one would like to volunteer in helping build some of these pages. To write the reviews, or even just to add some opinion on the model. We'll add you in as a quote!

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DJ wrote a comment - We're getting interviewed by south magazine Friday the 11th. Be sure to be there! Hit up the event page for more info
on XD Bockers 2/4/11 8:31 PM
DJ wrote a comment - Heads up, we're planning a large meet up for the south east in the discussions tab on the facebook group. Just click the forums button under resources to find it!
on XD Bockers 1/19/11 10:24 PM
DJ posted a video - DCpowerstilts meet XD Bockers
on XD Bockers 1/15/11 10:28 PM
DJ posted a video
on XD Bockers 1/15/11 3:53 PM
DJ posted a video - Check out our latest video from Halloweeen
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