2/11/2011 Meet Video
South Magazine to interview us - Site Updates
February 14th 2011
We had a good turn out for our interview with South Magazine this last friday the 11th. Thanks for everyone that showed up! We had our official members Doug, Kathleen, Josie, Sam, Tam, and DJ all turn out. As well as some new comers looking to be official members soon. Christian and a couple guys who tried out Jumping Stilts for the first time.

We took some videos of the walking lessons, and everyone bouncing around. You can see some stills that were grabbed from it below.

Theres Josie pulling off a split kick. Nice!

There's Doug and Sam, Dougs doing a tuck.

Finally, here's DJ doing a Split Kick

Now check out the video edited together for the event!

2/11/2011 Meet

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DJ posted a video
on XD Bockers 2/13/11 8:20 PM
DJ posted a video
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DJ posted a video
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DJ wrote a comment - We're getting interviewed by south magazine Friday the 11th. Be sure to be there! Hit up the event page for more info
on XD Bockers 2/4/11 8:31 PM
DJ wrote a comment - Heads up, we're planning a large meet up for the south east in the discussions tab on the facebook group. Just click the forums button under resources to find it!
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