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Bocking Spot Search!
August 7th, 2010
In attempting to find the best bocking spots for our local powerbockers. We have recently been searching Savannah for the most ideal locations.

Keep a look out on our site for those being added to our members map!

But what else are we doing this for? We're also in the very very beginning stages of organizing the Southern States National Bocking Event.

We're aiming to suggest it for Spring Break 2011. So we will be searching for the best locations, and routes for the major event. This event will be in the same style that Capital Bocking in Washington, DC is done. It will hopefully attract bockers from all over the country and be another yearly bocking event location along with Capital Bocking, and SABO.
Check out this years Capital Bocking Video

No dates are planned yet. But if you'd like to help. Please contact us! One day we'll be a great spot for powerbockers to gather too!

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DJ posted a video - From one of our try outs at Forsyth Park
on XD Bockers 8/7/10 6:00 PM
DJ wrote a comment - Special thanks to Josie for drawing the awesome art of me powerbocking! Check it out here. http://xdbockers.com/djbock.jpg then
on XD Bockers 7/27/10 8:58 PM
DJ wrote a comment - Thanks Josie!
on XD Bockers 7/26/10 6:56 PM
Josie Grant
Josie Grant wrote a comment - LOL AWESOME LOLZ!!!
on XD Bockers 7/26/10 6:46 PM

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