XD Bockers Invade Dragon*Con
Dragon*Con this weekend!
August 30th 2010

The XD Bockers from Savannah, Georgia are attending Dragon*Con In Atlanta this year. We're randomly picking a spot and place to powerbock at. Probably some area outside one of the hotels. To get involved yourself, we're organizing on our , and then through text message when we're at the convention.

We've attended conventions in the past. Let's take a moment to look back in the very early days of the XD Bockers. When the group was still centered in the Midwest, and we only had two set of stilts for three people to use!

DJ Jumping at Acen 2009

In this video DJ does some light jumps down a parking lot.

Rick Rolled

The random camera man liked not looking through his camera with this one. But you can see Jake giving an early version of our walking lessons, and spot DJ walking around in the background. But the best part is when a train of people walk by Rick Rolling everyone!

Overall Acen 2009 in Chicago, Illinois was a blast. Especially the Saturday we powerbocked. We were out Jumping for several hours, and event walked through the convention centers. We gave a few try outs and completely wore ourselves out. Awesome!

Hope to see everyone at Dragon*con for a fun repeat! After the Convention keep an eye out for our report on it! Oh, and our plans for a Halloween themed event this October!

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DJ posted a video - Ancient Video from Acen 2009.
on XD Bockers 8/28/10 4:35 PM
DJ wrote a comment - Join our search for bock spots throughout savannah! http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?topic=19476&post=284090&uid=89290893885#!/topic.php?uid=89290893885&topic=19476
on XD Bockers 8/25/10 4:24 PM
DJ posted a video - From one of our try outs at Forsyth Park
on XD Bockers 8/7/10 6:00 PM
DJ wrote a comment - Special thanks to Josie for drawing the awesome art of me powerbocking! Check it out here. http://xdbockers.com/djbock.jpg then
on XD Bockers 7/27/10 8:58 PM
DJ wrote a comment - Thanks Josie!
on XD Bockers 7/26/10 6:56 PM

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