XD Bockers Official Newsletter August 1st
XD Bockers Official Newsletter
August 1st, 2010

Thanks for stopping in to read another one of our newsletters! If you haven't already our first newsletter can be found here. Today we're going to cover in detail a few of our new pages, announce some event planning and give some helpful tips.

Used Stilts

We have added a Used Stilts Section. This page is really intended for our local official members to use. In it whenever we have a working pair of Jumping Stilts up for sale. We'll post it's info and a method for contacting us to buy it. These will generally be our old demo stilts or something from a member in the group.

For instance right now someone local to Savannah can grab these.

Josie/DJ's Old Modded Jumping Stilt - $100
SkyRunner Frame with Poweriser PR90120 Spring. (Spring is worn out and more acts like a 5070)
Taped Knee Bar with Quick Release Mod Added New SnowBoard Toe Straps

Check out the page for more info. Whenever we get new demo stilts they'll always be for sale and available to local members. The prices will remain low to help those that are short on cash get into the sport and become active in our club!

Brand New Stilts

For those interested in Brand New Jumping Stilts. We'd still like to remind you of our partnership with

We're able to offer discounts off of any brand, or any product through DCpowerstilts. So if you'd like further assistance in advice, or if you need something specific. Then please email DJ@XDBockers.com. We offer stepper discounts for those that ask and our serious about jumping into our sport. For a special Newsletter promotion use Coupon Code: Sav20 for 20 dollars off of Powerstrider Olympics Aluminums.

Powerbocking Tips and Advice:
New Poweriser spring break in period

When you have either first strapped on your brand new set of Jumping Stilts. Or have recently replaced your springs. You'll notice that the spring is stiff and slightly difficult to compress. For a Newbie this is something you won't be able to tell the difference on. But for an experienced user, you'll notice that you won't even get any give in the spring at all.

This is simply due to the way springs are made. Over time the fiberglass in side begins to break down resulting in a softer and more responsive feel.

New users will need to use this period to work on mostly walking, and light running. Try simple Pogo Jumps and Bounces on the spring for a while. Typically about the time you get the basics down your springs will have "broken in" and you'll get the response you need out of them.

A good way to spot Unbroken in Springs against a Broken in Springs is when you wear them. Broken in springs will bounce ever so slightly as you walk. Unbroken in springs will stay stiff as a board and not move at all.

For experienced users it's best to break your springs in by first walking around for a couple minutes. Adjust yourself to the feeling you've almost forgotten about from when you were a newbie. Do a small jump. Walk a bit, and begin jumping more and more.

Springs break down quickest after being nearly bottomed out constantly. Just take it slow and you'll find that you've broken your spring in after only a couple sessions.

Tip: Try a bunch of set ups. Run into a jump, launch yourself from one foot. Land hard utilizing your arms to help bottom. Keep going until you've nearly bottomed about three times.

Mix those up with some hard pogo jumps. Be sure to use both legs equally to keep wear even on both springs.

Remember! If this seems like hard or annoying work. Think of it this way. You're burning a bunch of calories! An average adult will burn nearly 300 calories in 15 minutes of jumping.

Bocking Spot Map Building
We're currently in a process of Building upon our Members Maps. If you haven't already, check out the South or Midwest pages on the left bar of our site. It's under XD Bockers. You'll notice that in each section we have all our official members home locations marked. In addition to this, we plan on adding good local spots to powerbock!

You can already see a start to this in the South sections map. Where Forsyth Park is marked, along with a smaller park. Eventually we'll add dozens of spots all across Savannah and more. Those spots will feature pictures, and detailed descriptions of what they have to offer.

We hope our maps will become a tool for current and new members to find great bocking spots to jump around in and connect socially.

Archived Mini Updates
July 29th, 2010
Hey take a look at the Event Page. We know we say this in every update. But it's really the best way other then joining our Facebook Group to get the info on our latest Events. Like say tomorrow's Downtown Savannah Bock Around at 6pm.

In site news we have launched our newsletter email service. We have also added a page to view old newsletters. View that on the left bar, or right below the latest update on this page. We've also added a way of signing into the site. Join it now in the bar at the bottom of this page.

We've also reorganized the right bar slightly, and added a Used Stilt section. Click it to view local members stilts for sale.

See what our other members are up to

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