Flying Locust:
XD Bockers Overall Brand Rating:
Produced by an Chinese company based out of Guangzhou. This company has gone by many names, Flying Locust, FlyJumper, ect. They own both the Airtrekker brand and the Powerstider brand. Both Airtrekkers and Powerstriders carry the exact same models. But both brands sell them at different prices. Again, both brands carry the exact same jumping stilts built in the exact same factory. Under different prices, before purchasing from either brand. Look at the other to see which is cheapest.

This brand has suffered from poor part and build quality. With weld breaks, stripped bolts and more. They've worked in improving themselves recently. But beware when purchasing them. We highly recommend purchasing their CZ model over any other.

XD Bockers Model Rating: + Half
This is the basic model. It comes in black or blue. It features snowboard bindings and a knee bar. As with the majority of the Jumping Stilts with Flying Locust. This model suffers from poor hardware and parts. Bolts strip easily, and in the past frame welds have been known to snap. (Granted they've greatly improved upon this issue. But still, be wary) When looking in this price range and a model similar, we actually recommend you head over to Powerisers Classic. It does feature the screw on replaceable footpads that powerisers do not. But that's the really only upside.

Description from Flying Locust:

About PowerStriders: The most advanced jumping stilts on earth! While your friends are still playing at ground level, you will be able to jump in 6 ft leaps over them - imagine that! How would you like to run at a lightning speed of around 20 mph without any extra effort than normal running? In fact it's even easier than normal running because you are power assisted by the PowerStriders! Do you remember 'The Six Million Dollar Man - Steve Austin? - How he used to run and keep up with fast moving objects? Now it's your turn! You can even execute extraordinary athletic feats including amazing flips with breath-taking heights.

PowerStriders are an amazing and truly unique extreme sports equipment product! They can best be described as 'spring loaded jumping boots' or 'jumping stilts' - some people call them 'bionic boots' for short. The PowerStriders are a feat of engineering and are definitely NOT toys. They are serious fun for those who want to stand out from the crowd and hop into action! PowerStrider is defined mainly by a compressing a controlled flat spring, the result is a straight upward movement relative to the ground. The stored energy (i.e.: during compression) converts into upward (jumping) or forward (running) energy. The adult models allow you to jump up to 6 feet high, and run with strides up to 9 feet in length.

Shark - M115
XD Bockers Model Rating:
This model is Flying Locusts answer to Powerisers Advanced model. It features calf cuffs, snowboard bindings, and replaceable footpads (something powerisers advanced does not). But again this model suffers the same problems the sports model did. Poor hardware.

Description from Flying Locust:

"Shark" - a person who is unusually skilled in certain ways. Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary

The PowerStrider MB Shark is an advanced performance jumping stilt for those who want to take the sport to the next level. Featuring segmented, breathable calf-cuffs with removable and washable linings and advanced bindings with easy-release chrome-metal ratchet clips, these are just the stilts you need to advance your skill level. Of course, they also include PowerStrider's replaceable rubber footpads! Beautiful in Silver and Black.

CZ Series - Aluminum/Steel
XD Bockers Model Rating: + Half

This model is flying locusts newest Jumping Stilt and features one of the most radical change in designs in recent years. This model is constructed out of light weight aluminum, and stripped for old parts to reduce weight. These stilts only weight 7 lbs as opposed to the old designs near 10lbs. Its a huge difference on your feet. This model is 2 inches taller then previous generations and due to it's redesigned longer spring. Most users have noticed increase height due to the extra spring travel.

There is also a Steel model out. Which has the same design as the aluminum but uses steel instead. It's upside it it's pretty sturdy, it's downside is it's 2 lbs heavier!

You can read DJ's first time review on a pair of Aluminum CZsPart 1, Part 2, and finally the Conclusion. Keep in mind this review was written in December 2009 when the model was first released. A lot of the short comings have been addressed. The hooves have been replaced, the cuff mechanism has been improved. You can read a snip it from his review below:

They're light, sexy, and responsive.
My original skepticism over the cuff design is gone. It works great.
The bindings are poor, and need replaced. I'd recommend the Poweriser Bindings.
Hoof wear is normal.
The Springs need better protection.

You can check out Bachanals Promotions review Here.

Description from Flying Locust:

1) The CZ is bigger, but lighter. Each unit weighs 2 pounds less than the M115. Also, the user stands 2” taller than the M115. Finally, with no moving parts - the CZ is very quiet. They literally make no noise!
2) The key advantage/difference the CZ has over the M115 model is the new leaf spring design, which has been greatly upgraded. The TN-863 nanometer spring is characterized by small volume, light in weight, and good elasticity. These springs are very durable and extremely responsive.
3) The CZ frame is completely redesigned: New materials and shape: High strength aluminum lithium. (Same material used to create the space shuttle gas tank.) While the M115 is simply extruded/bent aluminum.
4) The CZ does not have an aluminum sleeve on the lower leg for weight reduction.
5) The CZ's support brace under the footplate was redesigned as 145 degree, tubular arc, which reduces the concussion of external force on the spring. It’s also much lighter.
6) The old knee bar attachment mechanism (4 bolts) has been replaced by a hi-tech, bicycle-seat type, quick splitter for fast easy adjustments. No tools are needed!!!!
7) All CZ models have our high end snow board bindings. No more standard, plastic bindings. Previously, these bindings were only available on the EXTREMES, until now. Now they are on ALL Air-Trekkers CZs.
8) To reduce weight further the CZ removed the plastic foot plate.
9) Tough, abrasion resistant footpads were redesigned on the CZ for easy and affordable replacement. High quality PU mixing rubber is used so the serviceable life of the footpad is lengthened considerably.
10) Although all Air-Trekker EXTREMES still come with the very popular “calf cuff part, ALL our adult models now come with a dramatically upgraded knee bar. This CZ adult model now comes with a leg stabilizer wrap that is attached to the inside of the knee bar. This protector allows a tighter, and much more comfortable fit.
11) The Air-Trekker brand of jumping stilts only offer the CZ-AL (aluminum) model. The CZ-FE (iron) model is a similar design but it’s very heavy. (Other licensees carry this product.) Air-Trekkers has decided that America does not want heavier units, and are not importing this FE (iron) model.