Here is the first video from the Cedar Rapids branch of the XD Bockers, DJ and Jake go out bocking again for the first time in 2 years! This was shot right before the weather got to cold to bock, expect more from us come spring!

Bock the South! This is our very first national meet. Hosted by us! We had bockers from Washington, DC, Maryland, Boston, and Florida visit us in Georgia for a wonderful Bocking weekend. Thanks for coming David, Ann-Marie, Randy, and Nick!

Easter Bock! Kathleen had the brilliant idea of dressing up as the easter bunny, so out we hopped!

Doug at Forsyth

Josie bocking the c-block

DJ bocking the c-block

Filmed on 2/11/2011. We hosted walking lessons and bounced around. South magazine stopped by to ask us some questions and to try out themselves!

This was filmed in November 2010. David from was in town and attended one of our group meet ups. We had a pretty good couple hours bocking around Forsyth Park and the stage.

Zombies VS Sugar Skulls at SOL from FanFlare Media on Vimeo.

This was created by SOL for their day of the Dead Event. Doug, and DJ are both spotted briefly in it. Made November 2010

This is a mixture of Sols event, and our halloween meet. Made November 2010

This video was edited together by XDvandalDJ. It was our second video, taken in February 2009. XDvandalJake was just learning to bock. His first jumps are actually featured in this video.

This is XDvandalDJ's first powerbocking video. He made this after only been powerbocking for a couple months. In the video DJ got together with some friends and bocked across town to do so jumps, and to practice jumping off some small steps for the first time.

You can also view a collection of our short videos, and clips not long enough to feature in our Video Gallery on Facebook.