Try Jumping Stilts Out

So you'd like to give it a go yourself? Awesome, we can help you with that.
We are a dedicated group of Powerbockers. With ever growing experience behind our belts. We have each strapped on, stood up, and walked for the very first time before. We know how it is, we know what to expect. Now let us help you get on your way in learning to powerbock!

Our try outs can be arranged by appointment on week evenings, weekends, or at one of our Meets. Try outs throughout the week will be typically private. Meets will always have several other PowerBockers, please request your preference.

These try outs are free. First time lessons are 30 minutes long. Consisting of a Demo of the stilts in action, an assisted learning to walk session, and tips on on advanced powerbocking. As well as a lesson on how the stilts work, brands, and about the inventor.

A short example of a assisted walk session in the video below. NOTE:Falls are not typical. All first time try out attendees are required to wear proper safety gear and is only left to walk alone at request.

To Request a try out. Please submit the following information to or on our Forum

Contact method: (phone, email, ect)
Desired try out date:

Please bring your own safety equipment. If you have none, specify in your request and we'll see if we have an extra set for you. Please provide desired size.

Other than providing the above information. All we ask is that you sign anliability waiver in person. We look forward to Jumping with you soon!