Taping the Spring

When you first get your stilts we highly recommend you wrap your springs with some form of tape. We have found while the included covering does help somewhat. It is not perfect, and adding some extra protection can keep the stilt looking nice. See as you jump and bump around, the springs can sometimes come in contact with say, your other spring, the ground, your face... Given that these are made of Carbon Fiberglass. Any nick or ding could affect the springs lifetime.

But why else? Well by wrapping the spring you have a chance to customize your bock. Make it your own. Many people use different colored tape, making different patterns on their bocks.

How should you do it?

Start with a really tight base, keep your wrapping really close together. Starting at one end and spiraling up. Go around with at least three layers of tape. I found that doing it in alternating directions worked fine. After the third layer try doing a layer of tape straight up and down the front and back. To kind of give it a clean no tape lined look. After the duct tape, you can try vinyl electrical tape to add some custom flare.