DJ Bothwell

Birthdate: 9/19/1985
Bocking Since: June 2008
Tricks: Can run, jump (About 4 to 5 feet of air.) 180s at will, 360s with effort. Spring Grabs, Split Kicks, Back Grabs, Toe Grabs, Star, Tuck, X-Spin, Double Grab, X-Spin Double Grab, OCS, Split Kick Clap Status: Promoting the sport through XD Bockers, perfecting tecnical tricks, working towards pretzel, hap clap, and flip training. Perfecting Checking for Gum
Jumping Stilts:

Poweriser Advanced - 90120 springs "Currently secondary Stilts meant for club use. For Sale"
Mods: Currently fitted with Powerstrider Knee Bar.

CZ Olympics - 99kg Springs
Mods: Poweriser knee bar. Uses Poweriser Advanced Bindings. Taped spring with 4 layers of black gorrilla tape. With white "glow tape" on top to give a stripped effect. Black/white in day. Glowing Green/Black in darkness. The springs are labeled with "XD Bockers" in reflective 2' decals.

Uses RV grip tape to mod the heel section of the footplate to prevent heel slipping.
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DJ's Quotes and Stories
"Can I fall? No Gravity no longer applies with these"

"Do a backflip? NO U"

"Why yes I am tall, no my legs still work correctly"

"How high can I jump? This high!"

"live, laugh, jump!"

"How do you get down? Well, you sit someplace."

"I've powerbocked all over the country, I've done various performances at street festivals, parades, carnivals and even for art galleries. I've been in at least 4 local newspapers, on the news at least once, and in 1 magazine. I've introduced the sport of powerbocking to hundreds of individuals. I've personally trained and frequently practiced the sport with many of them. I've dedicated countless hours into building a thriving jumping stilt community wherever I've lived - and I've just gotten started."