Our Southern Members
The main portion of the XD members is based in Savannah, Georgia. The members here are very active and hold weekly meet ups and try out events for new comers. A lot of our members are SCAD students. In addition to our members profiles. The map below also features spots we've found and enjoy bocking at. Click the names below to spot our members, and look around the map for other bocking spots. Key: M=Members Dot: Bocking Spots

Forsyth Park

Our main meet up spot. Here we train new users, and practice on our own. It offers huge space, awesome scenery and tons of attention from the public.
For details on the park itself click Here
Savannah Park & Tree
Savannah, GA 31401
DJ's Usual Practice Spot

Features a huge abandoned parking lot with a concrete wall around it. The walls about knee high. So it has something small to jump over or to walk on. Theres pavement on both sides of the wall which makes for a good jumping area. The parking lot also features these random yellow broken light pole bases. Another interesting thing to jump over.
Located at the corner of Henry and Draton Street
This is an old out of business shrimp/seafood place. It's lot is empty, and kind of uneven. But it has a decent size space, and next to the buildings wall is some small steps with a ledge to jump off and onto. Not much room to jump on the ledge as you'll smack the wall. But it's fun to mess with for a few. The steps are probably just a couple feet.
313 E Duffy ST, Savannah, GA At the corner of Duffy and Habersham
Sam Cole
Bocking Since: March 2010
Status: Student at SCAD. Currently overwhelmed with work load. Will bock when able!
Sam owns Poweriser Advanced with 5070 springs.
Doug Wilson

Bocking Since: March 2010
Tricks: Pogo, Kanga, Tantrum, Tuck, Star Status: Doug is improving his flexibility for more advanced tricks. He is crazy active in helping promote the sport.
Bocks: PowerStrider Olympics cz100 Aluminums.
They're modified with an blue and silver tape job on the springs.
DJ Bothwell

Birthdate: 9/19/1985
Bocking Since: June 2008
Tricks: Can run, jump (About 4 to 5 feet of air.) 180s at will, 360s with effort. Spring Grabs, Split Kicks, Back Grabs, Toe Grabs, Star, Tuck, X-Spin, Double Grab, X-Spin Double Grab Status: Promoting the sport through XD Bockers, perfecting tecnical tricks, working towards pretzel, hap clap, and flip training.
Donald John Bothwell | Create Your Badge
Bocks: Poweriser Advanced 90120s with a taped spring and tire sock. DJ is on his 3rd set of Jumping stilts.
Josie Grant

Birthdate: 4/9/1991
Bocking Since: Spring 2009
Tricks: Pogo, Kanga, Star, Straddle, Split Kick, Tuck
Status: Working on improving Split Kicks, Straddles, and expanding other tricks.
Bocks: Poweriser Advanced with really worn 90120 springs. Taped Spring, and Tire Socks
This is on De Soto Avenue. Between Whitaker and Bull ST and 40th and 41st. It has a poor road for bocking but is workable. It's shining features is to different spots to jump off, and onto. So this spot is fun to visit to jump around there. This is also were De Soto Struts are held. An monthly art show and festival. Click the tabs to see details about it's two interesting features. What we call De Soto Foundation, and Steps

At the very end of the street closest to 40th. Theres an old Foundation to a building left open and bare. It's near the sidewalk and has a 2-3 foot drop from the foundation to the street. The best feature to it. Is it's open and offers plenty of room to run towards. The downside is the tree directly above it. Any moderately high jumps from the street onto the platform will have you eating leaves. Take a bounce to get up there and jump from the platform to the street. You won't hit the tree this way. It does offer varying levels on the back side and is higher in the middle Just be mindful of the fence around both sides of the foundation. You could spear yourself!

About midway down the street. Theres a small step from the sidewalk about 2 feet tall. It offers a small area alongside the sidewalk to bounce up on. Or you can run from the street to get up there. It's actually better though to jump from on top of the ledge to the street. It's not that high but the fall does give you a bit of free energy. Use it to get some sick air in the middle of the street. Just don't jump from the top of the steps into the sidewalk. Odds are you'll hit the concrete balcony support on your bounce up.