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At the XD Bockers we have frequent meets. Where we come together from across the South and Midwest to PowerBock. Members of the Group live from all over, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, and more. So our meets fit into different categories. Local, Event, and Invasion.

Local Meets are the closest meets XD Bockers have most frequently. These typically happen daily to weekly. As these are gathering sessions of those generally in the immediate Savannah, Georgia area. These meets are announced with the others on our event calendar here, on our facebook group and our news section. These meets generally happen at Forsyth Park in Savannah, Georgia. Or every now and then in different small parks around Savannah. For more details please ask on the Facebook Group, or email us. DJ@XDBockers.com

Event Meets are planned ahead meets. These involve our long distance members, new recruits, and more. These are generally our longest lasting, and most media covered events. For information on past Events. Please view The PowerStilt Blog. For Information on future events. Keep an eye on our announcements either here on our site. Our Facebook Group, or on PowerStilts Blog

Invasion Meets can be a combination of Local, and Event. These meets are completely dependent on third party creation. Meaning, we need something to "Invade" These aren't our parties, our street festivals, carnivals. We simply find out about them, go their, and bock. If a local city is hosting a fair. We go there on our powerstilts. These meets are typically fairly fun as it gets the publics attention. We use these to promote, and experience concerts, parties, festivals from a new 18 inch taller perspective. At times we can even get in free! You can view reports of these events Here