Photobucket So you'd like to Join our group? GREAT! We'd love to have more members. We're always out hoping to expand our group. The more powerbockers together, the more fun our meets are! Here at XD Bockers we take the fun approach first. To focus on good times, laughs, and the joy of powerbocking before the rest. To do things the "XD" way!
You may be wondering how to go about doing this? It's simple, all you need to do. Is powerbock with us from time to time, and own your own stilts and we'll allow you in. It costs nothing to be a member, but by being an Official Member you get so much! You get years of experience in powerbocking to teach you on your way. All of our members are different skill levels. So you'll always have someone to work next too, and someone to strive towards.

You also get Outstanding discounts off Jumping Stilts from and hours of fun attending our many meets/practices. 

Jumping stilts are a great workout. They are a great alternative to hitting the gym. A 15 minute jumping session can burn as much as 297 calories in an adult. Jogging for a half an hour can burn 290 calories .Plus so much more. Jump in now! 
To get started, Join our Our Facebook Group Group. Attend a meet, or request a try out.


But I don't own stilts! Can I still join?: We prefer that you have your own stilts. As this allows everyone to powerbock at the same time. But if you're new, and wanting to try out. You're welcome to attend one of our many Meets and Try Out sessions doing so will land you a great discount on stilts. Purchasable online yourself, or ordered directly through us. Ask in person for details or email

I live far away, but would still like to Join.: As long as you can make it to some of our main events you can be a member. Again, one of our membership requirements is that you bock with us in person. We do have monthly, weekly, and sometimes daily practices and meets. But this is fine, not every member can make every one. We ask that everyone attempts to the best of their abilities. But our very understanding with distance, and obligations. If you happen to be a member that lives a good deal away. We just ask that you help contribute online with our discussions, plannings, and group votes.