About Us

The XD Bockers is a small but growing group of friends. We all love to powerbock, and to have fun. We meet up to work on tricks, to run further, and jump higher. The heart of our club is in Savannah, GA. We hold weekly meet ups and events. We also have members who live out of town. Powerbockers who can't attend our weekly events, but are always up for traveling to our big ones (like Bock the South)

Our Savannah members meet up to powerbock around the historic parks. Primarily consisting of SCAD students and locals. This is the largest portion of our group with the most active meets/events and members. Nearly all events are hosted through them. We mostly visit Forsyth Park, but from time to time will visit River Street, Ellis Square, Hull Park, or any of the historic areas in downtown Savannah.

All of our members are often seen invading local parades, concerts or any going ons. We both meet up for small local events, and all members meet up for large grand events. This forms the XD Bockers. The name of the club comes from the internet emoticon "XD" it represents our ideals of having a really fun time with the sport. You'll often see a laughing expression with our members as we jump around. Why the emoticon in the name? It's just to reflect our use of the internet to social connect with other powerbockers.


Our group was founded by DJ Bothwell. Initially powerbocking by himself. DJ searched out many others interested in the sport, and has spent a great deal promoting it. In such he taught his friend Jake to powerbock, and shortly after Josie. This was followed by his brother Chris. We have traveled around together promoting the sport all over the northern portion of Illinois.

Later Josie and DJ both moved to Savannah, Georgia. Not wanting to end the XD Bockers, DJ began recruiting more individuals into the sport, and promoted Ian as the Midwest Organizer/Commander. Later down the road, the midwest portion of the club died down. Where as activity from new members from various places around the country rose.

DJ eventually left Savannah, Georgia and relocated back to the midwest. Leaving the Savannah, Georgia branch of the clubs in the hands of Douglas Wilson, and still wishing to host Bock the South. The club's main activities we're shifted for a time back in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with DJ, and the clubs original first member Jake.

However the move to Iowa was short lived, and DJ once again returned to Savannah, taking a break from stilts for a time and resuming club activities in the Summer of 2014.

In traveling and expanding our club we have met other powerbockers, and invited them into our group. We offer free membership, and outstanding discounts on Jumping Stilts, and Jumping Stilts accessories. Thanks to our affiliation with DCPowerStilts. In addition to the group discounts, we also offer free lessons in our group practice session. As well as advise on modding, and customizing your stilts.

Our aim is to take an enjoyable approach at bocking. To focus on laughs, and good times first and foremost before the rest. We want our members faces to look like this XD!

Our Location

Our Base of Operations: Savannah, GA
Our primary practice locations:Savannah, GA
Forsyth Park