As we are a group/club. We're able to receive exclusive discounts. Thanks to our partnership with DC Power Stilts.

To receive our group discount. It's as simple as clicking any link to DCpowerstilts on our site (Like the one above!)

Select a type of stilt.
Adding it to your cart.
Enter your promo code. (psst XDcom gets you 5 dollars off any order!)
Clicking verify and submitting your order.

We're able to offer discounts off of any brand, or any product through DCpowerstilts. So if you'd like further assistance in advice, or if you need something specific. Then please email We offer stepper discounts for those that ask and our serious about jumping into our sport.
For any members local to Cedar Rapids, Iowa we can also order your items directly and have them available at the next meet (typically Fridays, and randomly other evenings through out the week and weekend.. Click to view the meet/event page for details Here.