They were originally patented by Alexander Bock, from Germany (European Patent EP 1 196 220 B1 on July 2, 2003, US Patent No. 6,719,671 B1 on April 13, 2004, both with a priority date of July 20, 1999), as Powerskips. Generically these are referred to as "power stilts", "jumping stilts", or "spring stilts". Amongst hobbyists, they are referred to as powerbocks, ("bocks" for short), in honor of the inventor. Many people also use common brand names to refer to them generically

The original Powerskips are considered a brand for professional and serious enthusiast use, costing in excess of US$1000. The other professional brand is Velocity Stilts. Velocity Stilts are Powerskips that have been modified with different bindings and stripped down to minimize weight, and resold by Stiltwerks, inc. Velocity Stilts occasionally retain the Powerskip logo on some parts. There are 5 main companies producing lower cost powerbocks for hobbyists. Air-Trekkers, Fly Jumpers, PowerStriders (called PoweriZers prior to settlement of a trademark dispute),Jumping Jacks and Pro Jumps are some of the numerous different vendors of identical models produced by one company in China called Flying Locust. Poweriser brand powerbocks are produced by Korean Company but actually manufactured in Philippines. 7 League Boots are produced by an Austrian company and are the most expensive of the non-pro brands. The other is called Skyrunner, which does not pay royalties to Alexander Bock and is illegal in patent-protected countries.

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Flying Locust: