Basic Tricks

Pogo Jumping
Pogo Jumping is just what we like to call one legged jumps. It's a vital skill to learn to get yourself started in the bocking world. Once you've learned to walk you'll want to learn to jump. But let's start with just one leg. Trust me, it's better to get this down first. Essentially a pogo jump is you putting weight down on one leg, launch yourself up, then landing on that leg and letting the spring propel you in the air and finally landing again. Shazam! pogo jump. Remember to center your weight in your heel. It really helps in balance and getting the most bounce.

Pogo Bouncing
Pogo Bouncing is really just a continued Pogo Jump. You launch yourself into a jump, land, go up, land again and continue. You do this all with one leg, you can switch legs to spice things up and help keep your balance. It's good to learn how to do it every which way. Getting this down is really great for your confidence, the fun factor and is a great way to wow your friends as you learn.

Kanga Jumping
Kanga Jumping is really just like Pogo Jumping. Except it uses BOTH stilts to get the max power out of them. Note! using both stilts will at first unbalance you in the air, and on your landings. Due to it using more power, and requires the timing of using both legs as one.

To practice first try jumping in place. Launch with both feet first, and just practice on jumping once. Until you became confident in your landings.

To get the best jumps, launch yourself from a pogo jump into a kanga jump. Essentially, you jump with one leg. Land on that leg, propel upwards and land on both legs, which launches you for high air.

Kanga Bouncing
Kanga Bouncing like pogo bouncing is just the continued Kanga Jump. Once comfortable launching yourself in the air once. Begin to learn to do it over and over. Doing this is great fun, and really helps you learn to throw your weight into the stilts and get higher and higher air.

When you launch yourself once. The best method to keep going is to throw your whole body into each landing. Throw your arms down as you land. It really helps get good results.

A tuck is basically where when you're at the top of your jump. You bring your knees towards your chest, hold them there in air as if you're "tucked" in a ball of sorts.

Tucking takes a certain amount of timing, flexibility, and technique to get down right. The longer you're able to hold one in the air the better the trick looks. Just never forget to give yourself enough time to land. At first, you'll find your tucks only being split second long. But eventually you'll master the timing and get enough height to do it right.

Be sure to keep a clear head, be calm and always just calmly grab your knees as you bring them up. Hold them towards your chest, and let go. Practice this over and over until you get it down without thinking about it

The star is a very simple trick to pull off. It's basically a modified trampoline trick fitted for powerbocking. At the height of your jump. You bring out you legs angled from you, and raise your arms up at an angle. The point is so that you resemble a star in mid-air. Don't forget to give yourself time to land!

This ones fairly easy to pull off. Theres no special tricks, only just timing and practice.

Spring Grabs
This trick can be pulled off in dozens of varieties, each a different trick. But at the base, is the spring grab. In mid-air bend back and grab one of your springs. Bring your leg back closer to your hand to help out. Takes practice, but looks cool.

Vaulting is where you run up to an object, a fence, a ledge, a rail. Anything really, and you place your hands on the object to use it to transfer energy to jump over. This takes some guts and commitments. But doing this can allow you to clear obstacles that are normally to large to leap.

You might want to practice this without stilts on first to get the basic movements down.

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