Advanced Tricks

Split Kick
Basically, As you jump in the air, pull one leg behind you, and kick the other infront as far as you can. The further you can stretch the better it is. Flexibility and timing is key.
It looks great in photos, and is easy to do once you've mastered the basics, and can maintain balance in air. To get the best split kicks, vary what you do with your arms in the air helps. Bring one arm up, one back, ect. Variety is key in making the entire trick nice. This trick is a vital foundation trick in doing even more advanced tricks. Like the SK Grabs or X-Spins

Japan Air
This is basically a split kick with some variation put in. Instead of your body being forward and in one direction at the top of your jump, and when you do the trick. Twist your legs off to the side, and your torso in the opposite direction.

SK Back Grab
Sometimes referred to as the Gun Grab. The Back Grab is the combination of the Split Kick and a Spring Grab. As you do a Split Kick. Reach back with the arm opposite of the leg you've pulled back. Grab your spring firmly, and let go before you land.

SK Toe Grab

Another variation of the Split Kick. As you leap in the air to perform your Split Kick. Reach out to your outstretched legs toe and grab onto it. This trick takes a lot of flexibility to look the best. Try reaching out and grabbing your toe when your leg is fully out stretched.

SK Double Grab
This trick combines the Split Kick, the Toe Grab, and the Back Grab. As you're doing the Split Kick, grab your toe with one hand, and with your other reach back and grab your other legs spring. You can do this using either combination of hand to toe, to spring. Try out different ways for different challenges and looks.

180s are when you spin yourself 180 degrees. To do this, do a jump or a quick bounce. At the moment you land and are coming back up from the springs recoil. Shift your arms in the direction you want to spin. If timed right as you leave the ground you'll spin around and land facing the other direction. Practice to figure out how much force you need to exert.

360s are essentially the same as 180s in technique. They just require more force and practice. As you take off you'll be aiming to spin all the way around back to your original facing.

Created by XarnuSonic of the NE Bockers. The X-Spin is the combination of the Split Kick and a 360. As you begin rotating for a spin. Perform a Split Kick in the middle as you go around. This takes loads of practice and balance to maintain the spin while kicking.

X-Spin Toe Grab
As you pull off an X-Spin reach out and Grab your toe of your outstretched leg in the same fashion you would pull off a SK Toe Grab without the spin.

X-Spin Double Grab
This trick is very hard to pull off right. But as you're rotating add the SK Double Grab into your X-Spin. Pretty much grab your toe and back spring as you split kick and rotate 360. Practice, practice, practice with this one.

Checking for Gum

Feeling flexible? Great why don't you check your hooves for some gum and your next big leap? As you reach the height of your jump. Pull both your legs behind you as far as you can. Then bend your torso back to meet them in an effort to literally see the bottom of your hooves. Spot any gum? Nah, well it's a good thing you "check'd" This trick is often referred to as simply "Checking" or "Check'd"


This trick is kinda like a tuck. In the sense that you bring your chest down to your knees. But instead of bending your legs out. You extend them straight ahead. With one or both hands reach out and grab your toes. Like the tuck be wary of the rotation this move can cause.


This is somewhat like a SK Back Grab, and a Pike. When you are at the height of your jump. Extend a leg out as if to do a pike. But instead of grabbing your out stretched toe, bring your other leg up and under the extended one. Be quick and grab that toe.
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This is very useful when you want to leap something tall and narrow. Like a pole, or hey a person. (You probably shouldn't do that.) As you hit the top of your jump. Extend both legs out on both sides of you in a true split fashion. As you do that, put both your arms straight down your body and under you.

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Named after the technique of getting off the ground unaided creator Elton. The Eltovator is deemed a trick due to the difficulty of the maneuver. The user gets on the ground on there knees directly behind them. Then with a burst of energy backwards. They hurl themselves over their hooves. As the hooves pivot on the ground. They quickly stand and take a step to balance themselves.

This takes loads of practice to accomplish. We recommend you practice in the grass. As the falls forward upon failing this trick can hurt. Mainly in the wrists and knees.

But here's a basic how to once you've found yourself on the ground.
Get to the position as shown in the above videos.
Get your mind focused to do the trick. Take a couple small "practice motions" to help get ready if needed.
Lean as far back towards your hooves as you can.
We highly recommend you put both hands at the bottom of your spring and hold on. This gets your bodies weight far enough back to pivot on the springs properly when you attempt this.
As you go backwards and pivot over your hooves, Let go of the springs, stand up and step immediately forward. Other wise you'll fall.

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